Celebrating the building blocks

May day is here and I am rejoicing. It is among the only few holidays where I have taken an off from work to stay at home. Under the present circumstances, I actually got thinking about a whole lot of things in life and made the mistake of trying to find meaning in seemingly random yet frequent occurrence of events, only to have my ill-conceived foray into thought coming face to face with its logical conclusion, futility. I work with a fantastic team at my firm. Every single soul associated with me on a professional scale bring something uniquely charming to the table, the value addition from which is priceless. In the human resources of CorLit, I have seen a unyielding compliance towards values such as loyalty, sincerity, honesty and hard work. As organizations we don’t give to the HR as much as the HR provide to us.


The worker is more than somebody investing labour and effort into creating value, the worker is an idea and a concept. For those misplaced in their line of thought, even an entrepreneur is a worker, so is a house-wife, so is a student and so is in fact everyone out there. To limit the concept of a worker to the context of a factory is perhaps doing both the person and the concept a disservice, which I hope to put aside.   Having made peace with this definition of a worker, I have always been a person who advocates creating an atmosphere of equals. I find the whole concept of standing behind a worker with a whip not only short sighted but bound to limit the potential worth of work the concerned person could provide. If a worker in view shows a love for his work, not the results of it, then he is perhaps more qualified and talented than I shall ever be, for he is far ahead in the ladder of wisdom.


A simple yet immeasurable pleasure in doing one’s work presupposes a true and honest worker. Legend goes that notwithstanding enlightenment, the great Saint Kabir continued in his line as a weaver. For him weaving was simply an extension of who he was, a friend with whom he could spend a few hours everyday indulging in perhaps one of the purest forms of pleasure. I draw my inspiration from Kabir. Investing into relationships, working for my law firm, attending krav maga training, washing my car and ironing my clothes- all of these bring a strange and unmitigated feeling of bliss. They do not always turn out as planned and do not always give rewards; yet in their attraction of my mind, they hold a dear place in my heart. This makes every struggle, every setback, every pain, every bruise just as relevant and pleasurable as success, reward and all things that go as planned. The cosmos throws stuff at you which you are not in a position to understand or deal with. No wonder, we see really sweet people end up in bad relationships, best efforts result in little or no fruition, etc. But let us learn from the worker and invest ourselves into being sincere in our efforts and to applaud and support who choose to do the same, be it the janitor at school or the multi-billion dollar tycoons. The worker is not just to be celebrated, he is to be embraced!


I leave with this food for thought, “When one does not get one’s perceived dues, one can either blame the universe for being unfair or look inwards to realize the futility of whatever was expected.”


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